Sunday, January 21, 2018

Newbie Writers! 5 Things You Must Do.

'I am a writer. An author.'

Yes, I am. But, it took me long to tell that (unapologetically) to people when they asked, 'What do you do? or Do you work?' People don't really consider writing as a proper job especially when you work from home, but now I don't really care. In fact, I feel good when I say, 'I'm a writer.' These days, some people look impressed and ask what do I write.

So, first of all, let me tell you what do I write. I am a freelance writer and author of We Will Meet Again, a mature love story. I write for magazines and my writings have appeared in magazines like Woman's Era, New Woman, Good Housekeeping India, Child India and Alive.

Being a writer is exciting because you constantly play with beautiful thoughts and vivid imagination. But, it's tough at the same time because it's a constant learning process (but, learning is beautiful, isn't it?) and you will have to work hard, face rejections and criticism.

So, if you are still reading this post, I assume you're a new writer. You love to write. Want to get published. So, here, I am offering you a few writing suggestions. Something that I have learned in these years. However, I strongly believe that there's only One rule for anything you want to do --- Rule that works for you! 

So here it goes ---

Write. Your prime job is to write. Writer's block is a myth. Try to write daily even if it's just 300 words. However, it's perfectly normal if you don't feel like writing at times. You can do these writing related things instead. 

Read. Read extensively. Not just for entertainment but to study. For a writer, reading good books is vital. It can be a learning experience. However, don't regret reading not-so-good books for they teach you 'what not to do.'

Do Not Rush To Get Published. I understand that getting published is every writer's dream. But being published means bringing yourself to the public domain. So, before you do that, polish your writing. Learn. Practice. Recently, someone asked me on Twitter that 'Will it be right to just write with writing/editing errors. Do publications/editors go through rectifications to make it interesting?'

Yes, they do! But, it's certainly not a good idea to send a piece full of errors. Editors don't like it. So work on your writing and writing style first.

Also, never hit send before revising 2-3 times. Revising and careful editing are the essence of writing. I re-wrote my manuscript (made major changes and re-worked on my writing style) after I realized it was not good enough to be published.

Do not try to make your writing impressive by using complicated and flowery language. Writing lyrical prose doesn't mean you should ruin the readability and relatability of your writing. Simple (and error-free) is beautiful!

Do Not Give Up! This would be the most significant part of your writing journey. Don't let discouraging people diminish your enthusiasm. Don't get disheartened by the rejections (Sometimes, series of rejections). Believe in yourself. 'You' know your craft better. Don't hesitate to experiment. People may laugh at you in the beginning but if you work hard, polish your writing, you will have the last laugh.

That's all from my side. Now, it's your turn. Share what you have learned/what worked for you.

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  1. Simple error free language, I totally agree. What is the use of writing if half of your readers struggle to understand you? Good advice, Tarang.

  2. I agree with all your points, Tarang. They are all inspiring.
    Except the bit about Writers Block being a myth. I was buried under one for 4 long years. Writer's Block exists:)

    1. Thank you. Glad you found them inspiring.

      Well, I would have believed you if you had said 4 weeks or even months. But, 4 years? It strengthens my belief. I don't know whay you didn't/couldn't write, but that was certainly not 'Writer's Block'. If I try to guess, it was some kind of disappointment or maybe you didn't feel writing was that important at that time.

      Can you stay without writing if you have some writing assignments in your hand? It makes me wonder what did you do in those 4 years --- pitched your ideas to any publications/websites? Read books (then you might have wanted to write book reviews)? Watched movies (then you might have wanted to write your views on any particular movies)? Visited blogs/prompt sites? Now, tell me (If you want to) :).

  3. Donot Give up should be framed in Gold .I want to frame this advice!

    1. Yes, righ! I have framed this in my mind. :)
      Thanks for reading, Amrita!