Monday, November 22, 2010

Infants are not actors

In “Jhansi ki rani” serial perhaps, her son is dead (Perhaps because I’ve stopped watching this serial after exit of Junior Jhansi ki rani). The actress (Playing Jhansi ki Rani) was cradling the infant, crying bitterly and loudly. What I felt bad that the camera was focusing on the infant again and again who was sleeping. I couldn't see that. How can any parent give their infants to shoot for such death scenes for certain amount of money? Is money that important? Infants are not actors and for god's sake keep them out of this drama.


  1. Are leave da money.. dey have modified ol da sequences of Queen Laxmibai;s lyf just in da name of creativity.. they shd b sued for showin a pile of lies to da next generation... if ppl dnt have da guts to put the truth then y dnt they make sum silly daily soap..y do they play wid historical facts...

  2. You're right, that's why I've stopped watching that serial. They've made this serial a daily soap drama.