Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No creativity at all

Just now I've seen the second episode of a new series “Dhoondh legi manzil hamen” on star one. Promos seemed different so I thought to watch it.  In this serial, I don't understand the motive of sending the girl abroad to study architecture when her parents are planning to marry her off in the first place without giving her an opportunity to do something in her career?

In today’s episode, the female protagonist had gone to meet a guy for marriage purpose. The entire scene of that meeting was copied from the movie “Namaste London”.

Where is the creativity? Can’t writers think something original? And if you are copying something (Taking inspiration is not a bad thing) then use your brains and implement few changes inspired by your imagination. Change the dialogues at least. And I don’t understand why producers always tend to take a new girl in every new serial when many experienced, good looking and good actresses are there in the industry?

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