Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Arrival of fortune

                              Image Prompt@: Thursday tales

Soumya’s heart fluttered. Her eyes welled up and finally, happiness and contentment oozed out in the form of tears. She could not take her eyes off her new born baby. Her first baby after ten years of her marriage.

Soumya wanted to fill the eternal beauty of her daughter in her eyes forever. She wanted to feel the touch and warmth of her. As she touched her endearingly soft and pink face tenderly, the baby folded her supple chubby hands and legs inward and a heavenly smile lingered on her face.

“Oh my God! This feeling is divine. Serene. You made me complete. Where have you been so long?” Soumya whispered to her baby and gave her a peck on the forehead.

'How can a mother separate her own part from herself?' Soumya thought.

She had three miscarriages so far. Every time she would weave a dream and every time they shattered. She suffered a lot, being issueless all these years. Teasing eyes and taunt of people around her. She could see in the eyes of Aman, the desire of being a proud father. She could feel a twinge of pain and guilt to see so many sweet children playing in the lap of their mothers. But, Aman always tried to fill the void in their life. He always supported her and never allowed their bond of love to fade. Finally they opted for adoption for their emotional gratification. They went to an orphanage and adopted a baby girl.

'Some people are childless in this world and yearn for child but some are blessed with this boon and choose to separate their child from them. Why so? how could they do so? What could be their obligations?' Soumya wondered quite often.

A weak moan of her baby brought her back in the present. She rolled an old blanket around her carefully, and cosseted her in her arms.

“You have come to the caress of a poor mom and dad shona. I can’t buy you expensive things but I promise you that there will be no dearth of love and care for you.” Soumya’s voice quivered as she softly spoke to her daughter. The baby again slipped into a calm slumber.

 “This is the arrival of fortune in our life Soumya.” Soumya did not know when Aman had arrived and stood behind them.  “Our daughter will bring fortune to our life and we will be able to fulfill all her dreams and desires.”  Aman continued and his eyes beaming with fulfillment and bliss.

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  1. A baby is always a blessing! Always!
    I also wonder who could have the courage and the stone-hard heart to just abandon their babies. =(

  2. Always a blessing, these little ones hold a special place in the world.

  3. Babies are indeed a mother's joy and pride. Wonder what traumatic experiences make a mother abandon her little one. Surely she would be heartbroken too!!

  4. @ AleMaho, Reflections & Nanka: Yeah, pampering your own child and to see them growing and learning is a divine feeling. It's very agonising to see some little ones left alone in this world, whatever the reason.

  5. Love is sweeter than riches for raising a child!