Wednesday, December 15, 2010


             He was a man of clear conscience,
             Never leaned upon others for guidance.
             Life was a challenge for him,
             Trying hard to fulfill his dreams.
             His friends suggested...
             living life to the fullest,
             He got carried away in the zest.
             He dabbled in drinks and drugs,
            Which led to the boisterous parties with…
            …alcohol filled mugs.
             It seemed a pleasure momentarily,
             But shredding his life gradually.
             He forgot the value of time n work,
             Allowed his life to twist and jerk.
             It was too late when he realized,
             He lost everything in his life.
             He sat desolately near the shelf,
             Stacked with his trophies,
             His mind wandered in nostalgic memories.
             He cringed and uttered a cry of pain,
             His life sank in a quagmire,
             He lost his dignity and was ashamed.



                  (Prompt@: Three Word Wednesday; Dabble, Lean and Utter)
                  Also submitted to: Magpie Tales



Angel said...

Very sad,all the more so because it happens too often.

Lost in thoughts said...

Tragic...Depression at its peak.

gautami tripathy said... very sad...

dead man and his shoe painting

ThomG said...

so true for many.

fiveloaf said...

oh my and he wasted his life like this? oh wow! here’s mine for this potluck..

Helen said...

Yes, sad when alcohol takes over the soul and mind of someone .. you described it eloquently.

Tarang said...

Thanks to you all!

Trellissimo said...

A warning to us all!

Vinay said...

oh, this was sad! and u narrated it to life! well written Magpie!

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Morning said...

very deep thoughts.
lovely tale.

Tarang said...

Thank you so much Trellissimo, Vinay & Morning. I'm glad you liked it!

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