Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fragrance of nature


He was back to his village...
... after ten years.
Got the chance to meet his...
... nears n dears.
In the hustle bustle of metro life,
Always tried to form a niche and…
 ...forgot the gist of...
... happiness and peace.
Now back in his real home,
did not want to squander...
... the chance to roam.
The surrounding was...
... fringed with lush greenery,
Atmosphere was light and airy.
He recalled the...
... reminiscence of his childhood,
Which was blissful and so good.
The sky was boundless and azure,
Now, he could smell...
... the fragrance of nature.

   Prompt @ : Thursday Tales



  1. very nice.."the fragrace of nature" is a nice line and "forgot the gist of happiness and peace" is awesome. good write.

  2. beautiful! Certainly nice and reminiscing take on the prompt.:D

  3. thats a nice piece of writing here dear...very nice pen you own..a lively poem..!!

    dear, Thursday Tales is all about stories...I love what you have written but if it was a tale, that would have been the best..!!!

    thanks for joining the Tales Train..!!

    See you next Thursday..!!