Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Once a man came to his wife with a paper on which a line was sketched. He asked her to make that line small without cutting or erasing it. The wife pondered for a moment, then drew one more line there, which was longer than the previous one. The previous line automatically became small. 

Our problems are exactly like this. If we encounter a major problem in life, the other problem, which earlier seemed a big one, diminishes itself.

Problems, in some way, are like real test of life. They can make you stronger. They can make you hone your skills unknowingly. Sometimes, your luck may shine and an opportunity may come to you in the disguise of a problem and can be beneficial for your personal growth. Many inventions are derived due to problems.

No doubt, some problems affect one’s life badly. Nobody likes problem in their life. But they are meant to accompany you, throughout your life. You can’t run away from your problems. The more you try to run away from them, the more they chase you. So, face it! Take it as a challenge and fight back. Share your problems with your friends and family. Ask for help, if needed. You may get an intelligent advice. There is a solution to every problem. Find out. Keeping correct and positive attitude in life is the best way to tackle your problems.


  1. Healthy, upbeat, proactive perspective!

  2. Thank you so much Kim & California girl:)

  3. I believe if we look at problems the right way, the make us stronger.