Saturday, December 25, 2010


 "Manifestos in life"

Show great perseverance in adversity.
Shirk the negative attitude,
and turn out to be an optimist
Ongoing impasse in life,
Needs  stillness.

Take care of your family
and spend quality time with them.

There is a foe called deforestation,
It has created a
detrimental situation. 
Very soon,
Condition will be depressive.
Coz, it will make the climate…
 … oppressive.             
 So, plant lots and lots of trees,
Keep the atmosphere pollution free.
 Keep your landscape green,
 Go ahead,
 Make the environment clean
 At the same time,
 Save electricity, water and papers.

The most common slogan
“Heath is wealth”
 is the mantra of better life.
So, take care of your health
 and have a serene life.

Contribute to make your society
 healthy and peaceful. 
 Extend your helping hand
 for a needy person.

 Understand the value of time as
 “Time & Tide wait for none”
Wish you all a “Merry Christmas”

Prompt @: Sunday scribblings - Manifesto


  1. great "Manifesto" all we have to do is follow it. Merry Christmas to you and yours

  2. optimism should be part of everyones manifesto!

  3. Now there's a lot of good advice in that collection! Now if we could just keep it all.

  4. Great piece! You nailed it on all the positive ways to create a manifesto.

  5. awesome advices,
    none can run away from problems,
    family first..

    enjoyed your spirits,