Friday, December 17, 2010

Who will cry when you die?

  Image Prompt@: Thursday Tales

Her mother, her only companion, left the world, leaving her completely alone. Spinster at 38. However, it is her fault. Her mother always told her to get married, but she never gave a damn. She tried to introduce her to many suitable boys, but she rejected each of them. She started her own garment business, and it flourished with a boom, and she forgot everything in the glitter of success.

“Think of your future beta, you’re running 31. I’ve got some nice proposals. If you…”

“Maa Please! I don’t have time for these frivolous things.”

“Marriage is not a frivolous affair. It has its own significance. And what about Priya and Jai?” Her mother was worried.

“I’m busy in my work and there is no scope for marriage right now. They don’t have to wait for me.” Anu said firmly and left encumbered with files.

Gradually, everyone settled in their life. Her father died one day and Anu and her mother left alone in the house.

Both priya and Jai arrived home to perform the death rituals. The house was permeated with a gloomy stillness. After that, they were ready to go to their respective homes. Anu saw the couples caring, loving and supporting each other.  Children were rambling about their school and friends in their eccentric but cute accent. She embraced them lovingly. Her heart filled with sudden emptiness. After they departed, her beautiful home looked deserted. Few years back it resonated with mirth and melody. But now… no one was there. A feeling of melancholy swept over her. She wanted to run away somewhere. She wore her overcoat and got out for an aimless walk. A slight snowfall made the evening frosty. The path was absolutely desolate. She terribly missed her mother. She remembered when she sauntered with her after dinner. Suddenly, her heart longed for someone’s love and care. Suddenly, she longed for a family. Flakes of snow were dripping on her cheeks, where tears were trickling down silently. Her inner voice asked her “Who will cry when you die?”


  1. Shucks, This story has really sent a chill down my spine. It is a horrible thought to be out in the world, alone!!!
    Short but heart wrenching story and good narration there!

  2. Well done, thought provoking. Reminders of the 'no guarantees in life'... no someone appearing just because someone else is gone. Work is great, but we also need more to fullfil our lives.

  3. Thanks. It's certainly not the end of life, but it's a kind of fear evoked due to solitude.

  4. I like this story. It could be about all of us in one way or another.