Thursday, February 10, 2011

Someday soon…



Vicious spiral of rising violence,
Making the most beautiful place
Menacing to live in.

Peace shattered,
Love turned fire of hatred,
Vanishing the quality of being human.

Spiral flux of memories
Making the wrinkled eyes wet
Reminds the aura of amity.

Heart wandering here & there,
Searching for a cocoon
To relax in harmony.

Still… hope refuses to concede,
Waiting for a shining dawn
Beating the darkness, someday soon…

Written for Theme thursday
And Sensational Haiku





budh.aaah said...

Hope..keeps one alive..should never die. Nice

oldegg said...

Hope the one good spirit left in Pandora's box.

jaerose said...

There's always a way to 'beat the darkness'..very reflective write..Jae

Tarang said...

Thanks oldegg and Jae.

WarmSunshine said...

Yeah we will see a new day soon. Thanks for sharing the hope!

Old Altonian said...

Timely words Tarang - there's a lot of darkness in the world these days, and all we simple folk can do is Hope.

Ria said...

Seems like despair - yet is hopeful

Tarang said...

Thank you so much Warmsunshine, OldAltonian and Ria.

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