Saturday, February 5, 2011

“Zor ka Jhatka” on NDTV Imagine

Today I was watching the TV show “Zor Ka Jhatka” on NDTV Imagine. Suddenly, I felt that unlike other days, I was enjoying it. What was different? Yeah, I got
 it! Today wasthe special uncut show and Shahrukh Khan was not blabbering.   
 The celebrity contestants were sharing their experiences and the commentary  
 during the acts (Not by Shahrukh Khan) was interesting and in correct 

I don’t find any use of hosting the show, the way it’s being hosted by Shahrukh Khan (Just standing in the studio, talking tooooo much and overreacting). Come to that, the talks are meaningless, irritating and hammering literally, which seems to distract.

Moreover, Shahrukh Khan should check his behaviour, especially his language as he is giving indecent remarks even for girl contestants (Like “Rahul Mahajan ki dutkaari hui” for Priyadarshini Singh (One of contestants in Swayamvar of Rahul Mahajan, a show on the same channel).

Also I don’t understand why Soumya Tandon is there? She just use to stand somewhere on the site, holding a useless mike.

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  1. I think NDTV imagine is one of the worst channel as almost all shows in this channel is just meaningless. I am still afraid of "Ajab Desk Ki Ghajab Kahani" and "Swayamwar" kind of shows and can say only one thing to NDTV, be mature and take social responsibility.