Monday, March 21, 2011


    Bitterness immersed all over her persona,
    She was going through a trauma.
    She was feeling like deceived,
    In love, the punishment she received.
    The man she trusted the most,
    The reliance today, she lost.
    He came out as a bundle of lies,
    Brought an ocean of tears in her eyes.
    She loved him from the heart,
    Never thought, they’ll ever depart.
    Like a fool, she set her emotions free,
    For him, it was just a spree.
    He misrepresented his feeling,
    Considered her a poor maudlin.
    She was thwarted by his deceitful act,
    Oh! His mendacious love…
    … was an effect of a stupid bet.

Prompt@:   Jingle Poetry
Also submitted to: Sunday Scribbling



bendedspoon said...

4 in 1 prompt -- clever poem on not so clever boy! did he really won? :)

Shreya said...

simple and heartfelt poem..good job!

Tarang said...

@Bendedspoon: I don't think so. Thanks!:)

Tarang said...

Thank you so much Shreya!:)

Jingle said...


lovely put.

Tarang said...

Thanks a lot Jingle!:)

Olivia said...

Poor guy!
He doesn't know what he lost!

I have been here myself..

Hugs x

Jingle Poetry said...

beautiful job.

come on again, cheers.

UmaAnandane said...

Looks like a true story and a touching write.Sometimes some people(men) never realize how beautiful and true love they do miss in their life

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