Friday, March 11, 2011


The house was old and stranded. The area was surrounded by huge trees of Banyan, Neem and Peepal. The main town was far from the house. No immediate neighbors. Myra wondered how she was going to manage without Vivan in the scary night at that isolated place. The house was too big for just two but Vivan was fond of large spacious houses. When he got an offer in such a low price in growing inflation, he did not even think to grab it.  She was though apprehensive about buying this deserted house.

She was inspecting the kitchen when a loud screech doubled her heartbeat. Huh! It was the truck laden with her household stuffs.

Days rolled on. Sometimes she felt as if the air was whispering something in her ear. Sometimes as if someone was breathing hard. Sometimes she felt a strange kind of smell suffused all over. Maybe it was her illusion, but a bizarre fear kept haunting her.

“Vivan I don’t feel good in this house.”

“Why Myra? This house is so good. Where can anyone get such a big house in this price?” Vivan said carelessly without distracting his glance from his laptop.

“Exactly! There must be something wrong. Why would anyone sell such a grand house so cheap?”

“Because the man was in the need of money.” He said bluntly.

“I feel someone else exists in this…”

“What rubbish are you talking Myra? You’re an intellectual, educated woman, and please stay away from these frivolous and orthodox thoughts.” He chided irritably. After a brief pause he continued “I think your idleness is killing your conscience. I’ll get you some good books.” He caressed her face and got busy in his laptop.

Vivan had gone for his official tour. He arranged a maid, Shanti, to help and accompany Myra. After two days, Shanti regretted for her inability to stay there at night as her son was sick. Myra was left with no option.

As the dusk enveloped the earth, Myra grew restless. Howling wind, and the dainty wind chime clinking at regular intervals gave her inexplicable scare. The eerie stillness of the night made her sick. She set down the wind chime on the table and closed the windows and doors. Both appetite and sleep eluded her. She pressed her eyes closed and tried to sleep.


Her eyes flew open. She felt as if her mother was calling her. The voice seemed to come from the road. Fear was peeling her heart.

“Myra,” Now the voice sounded prominent.

She was her mother and she was calling her. But how could she come to this place at this wee hour? Myra thought and her heart raced faster. She felt tantalized to approach the door and look, but scare trapped both her body and mind.

“Myra, come to me.” The voice grew intense and painful and clearer, as if she was standing outside her window.

Yes its ma. She is in pain. She thought. Suddenly, Myra rose to her feet and proceeded towards the door hypnotically.

The next day dawned bright and clear. The phone was blaring. No answer.

Somewhere near Myra’s house a woman was lying unconscious on the roadside. The crowd was hovering around her. Suddenly, Shanti appeared splitting the crowd and gaped, putting her hand on her mouth.

“This is Myra memsahib. But how?"

Submitted to: Thursday Tales


  1. Good read, great use of images and perception.

  2. nice. i really enjoyed this...and the end was perfect...

  3. Whheew...gripping...AND scary! I wonder what really happened...
    Well writ!!

  4. Was she alive or dead?

  5. Thanks Kavita! I was really apprehensive about writing a gothic piece but if you all found it gripping and even scary, I think I did it well. Thanks again:)

  6. Umm...Let me Think... :) Thanks.

  7. loved that story!... and especially so the ending, without much and a whole lotta punch... men what do they know of a woman's intuition

  8. haunting ending,

    well done story.

  9. Thank you so much Jingle. I'm glad you liked it.

  10. Thank you so much Isabel & The Fool! Glad you liked it.:)

  11. Thanks a lot Dishita! Welcome to my blog.:)