Monday, March 7, 2011

A child!

                   Eyes filled with eternal dreams,
                   Forming so many ambitions.
                   Innocent heart
                   Brimming with raw emotions.
                   A child is a figure of honesty.

                   Stubborn act, bolshie’s mood
                   It’s easy, for them, to get vexed.
                   Gleaming tears in a moment
                   And an enchanting smile in next.
                   A child is a figure of volatility

                   Excitement in every bits and pieces,
                   Expressive eyes widens in surprises.
                   All the fears of darkness dashes away
                   With the thrilling bedtime stories.
                   A child is a figure of curiosity.

                 Written for Monday's Child
                                    Sunday Scribblings



Elaine said...

I love how you've woven the two prompts together for this piece. It's both an entertaining delight to read and an equal mix of truths/facts about children. Well done!

Tarang said...

Thank you so much Elaine.

Old Altonian said...

Oh, I just love that. You could have been writing about our young Daniel. Kids are absolutely smashing!

jaerose said...

Very strong piece- the end statements of each verse really sang out..Jae

Deborah said...

Wonderful and so very true :o)

oldegg said...

You have captured so well the mind of a child as they absorb the world around them. A really beautiful poem.

signed...bkm said...

A child truly is a figure of curiousity...thank you for posting at Monday's Child..bkm

Tarang said...

I truly thank you all for your nice comments!:)

Creativity!! said...

Woww Beautiful :) :) Your Write Up Reminded of The Bedtime Stories Which MY Mom & Dad Would Tell Me & I Would Be Very Much Curious To Know The Ending As Well As Find Out The Moral of The Said Story :) :)

Thanks A Lot For Sharing :) :)

Belated International Women's Day Wishes Dear :) :)

Have A Good Day :) :)


Tarang said...

Bedtime stories really hold a special place in every child's heart. Thanks and same to you:)

lissa said...

nice combination of the two prompts. curiosity is always there no matter the age. have a lovely day.

Lyn said...

Lovely truth about a absolutely got it!!

Jingle said...

the bubbles make one smile.

superbly creative.

Tarang said...

Thanks Lissa, Lyn & Jingle!:)

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