Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Xcess Baggage: By Varsha Dixit

Today I’ve completed the novel “Xcess Baggage” by Varsha Dixit. (I don’t like misspelled words.)

But I liked this novel! It’s very engrossing especially in the second half. Maybe because this is the genre of my interest.

It is a love story, a romantic thriller. A different kind of. A very mild and untold love story. This is the story of Meghana Chandra, a 23 years old Indian girl who lives in U.S away from her family. She falls in love with Byron, a lethally handsome, smart and intelligent man; not man actually, a hybrid of Vampire and Werewolf.  Ironically, Byron wants to kill Meghana to get rid of the curse of immortality as some “Rusalka” resides in the her body (It is very impractical indeed, a myth, but if you try to search logic and practicality in Vampire and ghost novels then it would be, I think, impractical.)
Since the novel is written in the first person, it is quite obvious that the protagonist would be saved. But how? It is interesting to find out.

Meghana was kidnapped by Byron who plans to kill her on her 23rd birthday for above mentioned reasons. It was heartbreaking for Meghna as she feels deeply for him. But just before her death (Murder) she was saved by someone. Later she came to know that her escape was planned by none other than Byron. Also he made her safe from vampires and werewolves for her lifetime. Then she realized that he also felt something, something deep for her, despite being so neutral, inexpressive and distant. But, now there was no way to get back to him.

I liked the character of Byron very much. Also Meghna is a very interesting character, fearless and innocent.

The scenes and encounter between Byron and Meghna is the best part of the novel. The end surely evokes pain. The writing style of the author and dialogues are interesting.

The only thing I felt unsuitable that the author has revealed the identity and motive of Byron at the very early stage (In his first entry). According to me, it could have been done a bit later. There’s definitely a vast scope for its sequel.

Overall for me, it was an interesting and absorbing tale.


  1. this book was very good actually........even i'm a big fan of the love stories........i liked it , but as u said that there is a great room for improvement in its sequel.....and its coming out excited about is sequel!1
    loved the chemistry between Meghna and Byron.........its very rare that a love-angle is shown between an indian and a non-indian......i mean to say that here its between 2 different cultures,yet they mend very well together..hope the end to the sequel is a happy one.and they live " happily ever after " the way loved ur blog!!

  2. I'm also waiting for it's sequel. Thanks for liking my blog:)