Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Super excitement!

Two cricket teams were vying to register the triumph and to hold the glorious World Cup. That was a neck to neck performance. Despite scoring a prestigious score, team ‘A’ had to fight hard. Team ‘B’ was chasing that quite competently.

Mr. ‘J’, who had a great affinity for cricket since 35 years, was praying like any other supporter of Team ‘A’ for the victory. His heart was beating fast.

Just one ball was left and Team ‘B’ had to score just 2 runs to win. The bowler was ready to deliver the last ball. That had to be the best, so that Team ‘B’ could be stopped at the dot.

The excitement was at the optimum level. People were fidgeting restlessly. Hearts were doing hip-hop. The ball was delivered and the batsman stroked it.
Some though team ‘A’ won. Some guessed team ‘B’ was the winner. Everyone rose on the feet and eagerness struck their hearts. But, the batsman managed to take just a single and the match resulted in a tie.

For both the teams, the match was saved by the bell! No need to mention, feeling of regret mingled with relief.

But hey! Mr. ‘J’ found fainted on the couch.

After half an hour, the doctor said – “He is no more. He had a massive heart attack!”

(Do control your super excitement try to tackle every situation with a cool mind. Many people have suffered due to unfettered excitement.)

 Written for:     3WW  (Affinity, Fidget and Mention)
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  1. The ending was touching!Well written

  2. Wise words at the end! well written.

  3. i definitely did not see that ending coming...nice message.

  4. talk about a game being over. Interesting post, to be sure.

  5. Thanks Deborah, Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within, rmpWritings and ThomG! :)