Friday, March 4, 2011

A thing beyond forever: By Novoneel chakraborty

Today I finished the novel “A thing beyond forever” by Novoneel chakraborty.

The story is very impractical. Most of the story proceeds in flash back as Dr. Radhika Sharma reads the personal diary (Instantly in the hospital, taking out of her bag) of Raen Verma; with whom she fell in love 15 years back in her school days. (Keeping a 15 years old diary in a regular bag, for a doctor, when later she says that she hasn’t seen Raen’s photo in many years is a bit impractical).

Radhika Sharma (Later a doctor) loves Raen Verma. Raen Verma loves another girl Savera. Savera doesn’t love Raen. After two rejections, when Radhika proposed him, he accepts. He says he loves Radhika but his mind keeps thinking about Savera.

Fifteen years later, she met one of her patients Laye a nine years old boy (Who later discovered as Savera’s son). After some coincidences, she suspects and finally realises that he is the reincarnation of Raen which is again impractical. But, the process of realization (How she connects the strings of discovery of rebirth of Raen as Laye) is written in a very interesting manner and it’s really engrossing. But the end again is impractical that is Radhika’s reincarnation (Huh!).

She loved Raen and he came back as Laye then why she committed suicide come to that after such a long time span? Whom did she talk at the time of her death if Raen’s soul has found another body of Laye? Though true love of Radhika is clearly reflected but for a doctor, committing suicide after 15 years, after meeting little Raen is a bit depressing and again somewhat unreasonable.

As the story advances in diary form, so many unnecessary and insignificant things fill the pages. Author has used some nice lines and expressed the feeling and excitement of an 11 Std. boy very well. He fairly managed to evoke pain of Raen’s death (But what about Raen’s parents who’s one son is disabled and away from them in an institute and one has gone forever?).

The point of view of the story keeps fluctuating. If the author has written this novel in multiple points of view, then I don’t understand what was the purpose of writing the entire novel in dairy form?

Over all for me, this novel is not a delightful read for sure but can be a time pass.


  1. Hmmm..its bit confusing for me....yet you have questioned and reasoned with the book .Well written

  2. Yes, This Doesn't Sound Good. This Novel Is Just Like, Movies!!!!! Many Movies Had Such Incidents. Novel Is Boring.

  3. good for you..

    hope that you have fun with it.

  4. Novoneel is one of favourite author...Mr Tarang am not criticising your review..but there z a suggestion ,yu could have make diz revi ew simple !!!!!!! good luck to you !! I appreciate the effort yu have put in to write diz review !!

  5. @ Veena: First of all I would like to tell you that I am Mrs. Tarang:)
    It’s nice that he is your favourite author and I liked your suggestion but keeping it simple was really difficult as this novel is a bit illogical and full of complications and confusions.
    I’m glad you liked my effort. Thanks:)

  6. The novel is 'ok-ok'. Not so good, not so bad. And it's just a story, and can just be a story itself.

  7. Souvick: Maybe you're right but I have a habit of looking things logically...even in fictions :)

  8. The words used in the arena of the NOVOSPHERE are the ones which the other peers of his age and above never dared to use. Even the foreign writers don't do that in time. For instance i have had a read of the work you have made and literally the words you used were not worth reading. A being should learn should discover a set of emotions alongwith some pair of new words too. So let's be fair with the review business.

  9. @ Viaan: Er..let me get this straight what exactly are you trying to say -

    1. You love Novoneel - That's good! I like him too. Loved Stranger series and Ex (posted my views on Goodreads). I just didn't find this book plausible (As a reader, it's important for me).

    2. You tried to read my debut book, disliked and probably left it unfinished (because I can't finish a book I dislike unless it's a review copy) - that's okay. It's about reading choices/preferences. Thanks for giving it a try though.

    3. You're asking me to be fair with review business - first of all, writing book reviews is not 'business' for me. And, I 'always' write honest reviews no matter who the author is (or which publishing house they're from).

    Thanks for visiting though.