Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We won!!!!

We are in World cup final!!!!!

India beat Pakistan in semi finals, qualifying for the final. It’s a great achievement indeed. India conquered over Pakistan 5th time (Every time) in World cup (Sachin Tendulkar is savouring this victory since 21 years and in 6 consecutive World Cups). Sachin Tendulkar won the Man of the Match award.  

Indian players played really well though the pitch did not seem very supportive. No doubt Pakistan fought well but eventually the ball is in our court. We are just one step behind the final destination. Indian team is going to appear in final for the third time.

India will meet Srilanka in final on 2nd April. For the first time, two Asian team will be combating in the Cricket World cup final. We wish our Indian team all the best and we hope that this time the victory will be repeated after 28 long years and the much awaited glorious trophy will be ours.


  1. happy for you..

    invite you to join us today,
    thanks for the attention..

    we are about less than 8 hours to go before closing..

    hope to see you in.

  2. As for the first battle" hurray! we won"..and for the second "all the best ,India"