Saturday, April 2, 2011


Positive attitude
Offers confidence
Self confidence offers
Trust on your ability
Implants the seeds of progress
Void shrinks
Enhancing the flavor of life

Written for  Acrostic Only



Khadeeja Z. said...

tarang... just to correct you we are supposed to use either 1 word per line or 2 words per line or 3 words per line or 4 words per line throughout the poem. Please note!

Tarang said...

So many restrictions:)I'll try. Thanks!

Amanda Moore said...

Tarang your writing is lovely I know you'll be able to stick to the rules and still turn out beautiful acrostics. If you need help take this link to my page of AO poems and see if this gives you some ideas OK? Keep at it I am sure you'll be great at this!

Tarang said...

Thanks a lot Amanda for such an encouraging and valuable comment!:)

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