Monday, August 29, 2011

Anger management


I know it is a very stereotyped topic, talked quite often; still, I want to point out some tricks.

Many a times, we come across several issues in our life, which instigates our anger. It could be a hard argument with someone, difference of opinion, mismanagement of home, any unfulfilled wish, any kind of failure or it could be any misconduct of your children, etc.

If you feel angry or hyper that you could have an outburst or spill some inappropriate words in counterattack (remember, anger goes away but the hard words you say in anger stay), then:

     Get away from that place immediately. It can break the discussion and prevent further attacks of words. You can talk later with a calm and composed mind. That would be fruitful. Things will seem more reasonable. You can think before you want to say something.

Drink a glass of chilled water.

Think about consequences like:
Our outburst can lead to a serious fight, causing a destroyed harmony of your   
home or relationship. Remember you’re not going to be this angry always. It’s just a momentary rage.

It is very-very hard though, but you can try...Sing your favorite song. It can divert your mind. If possible, plug in your ear phone and engage yourself in some household work to avoid further chiding.

You can avoid those situations which can make you angry or promotes argument and can disturb the peace of your home. Anger is generally unavoidable and hard to control but it is destructive.         
So try to keep yourself calm and compose to fill peace in your life. Control your anger now and you will be thankful later. 



  1. Frankly speaking, all steps are very effective but very difficult too. Anyhow, good post..

  2. Fantastic Say Tarang :) :) Very Much True Dear :) :)

  3. One of my favorites is those scenes from How I Met your Mother...where the couple..when they get angry and start arguing..they just take a break from each other for some time...and then again start discussing..


  4. Very well said Tarang..

    They are all practical ways...(may be singing favorite song, find a little hard)

    Your blog design is very very nice..Just loved it..

  5. @ Sikha: Yes, controlling anger is really hard.
    Thank you so much for liking my blog design:)

  6. @ Nilabh: Yes, it's difficult. Thanks for liking this post:)

    @ Creativity: Thank you!:)

    @ Kunal: It is wise to discuss things with composed state of mind. Thanks for your comment:)