Friday, August 26, 2011

Enemies of peace

Peace is the best asset in life. Nothing is better than peace to make your life blissful. However, certain things can breakdown your peace, making your life disheveled.


Anger is the greatest enemy of peace. Controlling anger is the toughest task. It may be very difficult to control your anger at times, but once you overcome, it can sustain harmony. So try to control it. Otherwise it can lead to a fight, disharmony of your home or surroundings and eventually can tamper a good relationship. It is very likely that you may hurt your near and dear ones in the momentary rage of anger.


It is the key factor of ruining a relationship and finally peace of your life. Jealousy, though a very common and natural feeling, is a weak point of a personality. It indicates low confidence because the person who is jealous does not have trust on his potential. People keep thinking about other’s achievements and get jealous and lose their grip on their own perspective. So don’t get jealous with others and trust your ability.


A major factor to promote anger, depression and frustration. Everything in life takes its own time to accomplish. So learn to have patience, trust your ability and wait for the right time for the right thing.

Bad health:

It is the most common factor to annihilate peace from your life. It is said health is wealth and it’s completely true. You can face and tackle all the problems of your life if, at least, you are hale and hearty. Circumstances of Running to the hospitals regularly can disturb you mentally, physically and financially. So please take care of your health so that you can take care of your dear ones and fill peace in your home and life.


Positive attitude towards your life is the best way to enhance the chances of success. Negativity can fill your life with uncertainty, mental disturbance and uproar. So be optimistic and try to get rid of negativity and have peace of life. There’s always a ray of hope, you can discover in life.