Friday, August 5, 2011

Morning comes softly...

                     Morning comes softly
                     Flowers beam in it's full bloom;
                     Bridging day and night

Submitted to: Haiku My Heart
                        Theme Thursday


  1. Whoever thought that a fragile flower could be a bridge between day and night? But it can! Thank you!

  2. my day booms loudly,
    oppressive Florida heat...
    {{ thanks for sharing yours }}


  3. Beautiful...wishing you many mornings like this.

    Happy Friday !

  4. Lovely and must confess I had the same idea of bridging day and night!! :)

  5. welcome to haiku my heart! i love your haiku... and the idea of blossoms tying our hearts like a bridge of beauty day to night.

    i am really honored you used my garden scarlet runner beans for your haiku. it is wonderful to see them honored with your words.

  6. 'bridging day and night'... what a wonderful phrase! Love your haiku today!

  7. Bridging day and night and bridging blog to blog! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Good one! We both appear to be talking about morning in a little different being the commom factor..thanks.. do visit me to have a look.. RS:)

  9. No sun through the mist here this morning, but the sun is peeking through so it's bridging night and day, dark and light. Thanks for sharing.

  10. @MMT: Thanks.

    @Somepinkflowers: May your day bloom softly. Early morning is never oppressive,I guess. Not even in summers. Thanks!

  11. @Kim mailhot: Thanks and same to you:)

    @Nanka: Thanks!

  12. @Rebecca: Thanks a lot for your beautiful and encouraging words! The pleasure is mine.:)

    @Marit: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

  13. @Snap: Thank you so much!:)

    @RS: Thanks a lot! First thing that came to mind to see that image was the beauty of morning.:)

    @Fran: Thanks!

  14. love orchids.... the beauty is so incredible... of course, every flower has a beauty all its own, each and every one of them... god is a wonderful interior designer...


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