Monday, September 12, 2011

Trapped wings, open sky…still I want to fly high: By Nisha Arppit

Well, I’ve finished this novel "Trapped wings, open sky…still I want to fly high!": By Nisha Arppit today (The name of the novel rhymes well:) It is her first novel.

I've read some very good reviews and ratings of this novel so I picked this. But "I'm" not very impressed. There are few things which I didn’t like; Language and structure of the sentences are immature and very ordinary sometimes. Moreover, there are so many mistakes in this novel (The editor shouldn’t have ignored it!) If you can ignore these things, then it is an average & very quick read of just 153 pages.

This is a story of a small-town, hardworking, ordinary girl ‘Preet’ with extra-ordinary zest and ambitions. She works in an MNC and the story deals with her management and fight of survival with the difficulties and darker aspect of the corporate world.

The novel starts with two short stories before the main story; that is “Aman & Shreya” And “Komal & Karthik” (Which creates confusion. I didn’t like this style to start a novel)

I liked the character of “Aman”, later, love interest of Preet, who supports and helps her coping up with the difficulties of the office.

There are so many characters and frivolous incidents which create confusion and due to which the story seems scattered sometimes. I personally think that story of “Komal & Karthik” before the main story was not required. Also, although, the novel is written in first person, the author has used multiple points of view making the storyline distracting.

Though the plot of this novel is very common & familiar, yet the pace of the story is good, so it's not boring.

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