Monday, October 10, 2011

Listen to me

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Call me, whenever you need.
Ask me, whatever you want.
I reside in you.
I lead you to the truthful path,
Helping you,
To make the right decisions.
I teach you the ethics.
I preach you,
The spirit of life.
I give you courage.
I fill you with strength,
To face the challenges.
I light,
Your inner beauty.
There are so many distractions.
Listening to me seems,
Obtuse sometimes.
 Not materialistic.
But that’s honesty not folly.
Listening to me,
Would give you peacefulness.
You adore me, don’t you?
Just trust me, won’t you?
You’ll find so many options.
But I’m the right choice.
Listen to me,
I’m your inner voice.

                   Magpie Tales
                   Poets United


  1. if only we did...yes it is there in all of us...we should see the beauty within ourselves more too...