Saturday, October 1, 2011

No deadline for love: By Manasi Vaidya

Yesterday, I finished the debut novel (published in an interesting series Metro Reads by Penguin books) by Manasi Vaidya. The first look at the book cover and synopsis, made me assume that it would be a love story but it is not. It’s all about the corporate world, corporate politics, work and listening to your heart when you choose your career. There is, of course, a very mild and side tracked love story.

The book tells about Megha, a short-tempered and a little confused but very focused and hard-working girl. Works in a company as a brand manager but discovers her keen interest in the creative field. There she met Yudi, a devastatingly handsome and intelligent creative consultant.  After some funny verbal fights, she gradually kindled a special feeling for him which she could not express it as she was confused about his feelings.

She works really hard to make the advertisement and product launch successful, and she did it. But then she faces the cruel reality of corporate politics. Yudi boosts her sinking confidence, giving a new direction to her career and finally expresses his love for her.

Frankly speaking, first few pages did not amuse me but as the story progressed it managed to rouse interest.

I really liked Yudi, though his existence in the novel is somewhat sparse. I wish there were some more repartee and bond between Megha and Yudi as I enjoyed it.

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  1. Looks like an interesting plot...
    wud love to read it..
    thanks 4 sharing your review !!