Friday, October 28, 2011

Power of journalism

Potential of effective writing
Not just figments of imaginations
But Emerges from
 Rational thoughts and outlook
Truth, knowledge,
Alertness and dedication
It covers all the areas
Around the globe
It Creates awareness
 In sometimes vulnerable society
Causing the breach of blind faith
Stretched across in the
Orthodox civilization
Makes us cognizant about
Some unfortunate, surprising,
Interesting or pleasant incidents
Across the world.
Suggests and endorses
Innovative ideas for
The welfare of society

It should Not be inclined
Towards rubbish like
Snakes, reincarnation, ghosts and
Pseudo existence of
So called black magic
Promoting effects of zodiac signs
Astrology, numerology and Tarot cards
Sometimes, peeping unnecessarily
Through someone’s personal life
Trespassing the private lives

Power of writing
Triggered by considerate and
Substantial thoughts
Can create revolution
Can shrink the corruption
Generated by the system
It is the power of journalism

       Magpie Tales


  1. Beautiful Fabulous Write Up Tarang :)

  2. Sadly it doesn't sound like the newspapers I know. The power of journalism has been corrupted by greed an sensationalism.
    This however does not reduce the importance of your writing which is something we all must continue to aspire to.

  3. Tarang, very well explored the power of writing.

  4. @ Creativity: Thank you so much:)

    @ OldEgg: Yes, you're right. Few things I've already mentioned in the 2nd paragraph. Yet journalism is a powerful medium for the awareness of our society. Thanks:)

  5. @ Sheilagh: Thanks:)Glad you like it.

    @ Ruchi: Thank you so much!:)

  6. "Sometimes, peeping unnecessarily
    Through someone’s personal life
    Trespassing the private lives" GREAT THOUGHT

  7. Beautiful writing & nice template

  8. Thank you so much Yaadein & Shona!:)

  9. Nice!Pen is mightier than sword and your poem says it all :)

  10. Oh how powerful indeed! Your writing and theme.

  11. our words carry much power,if used wisely...