Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fear of failure

We always hope to win the game of life. We always want to achieve success. We always wish to fulfill our desire but many of us hesitate to do something substantial because we are scared of failure. The one question whirls in the mind “What if I fail?” Struggling and fighting with this big question mark, some people hesitate to even make an attempt and sometimes they attack their desire brutally and stay sullenly restless.

Just think, if we try to succeed, there are two options. One, you may fail or you may succeed but if you don’t even try, there is only one option. You fail. You accept the defeat. Without even trying. Which option is better? Needless to say.

Fear of failure inhibits the success and hesitating to make an endeavour is a kind of weakness. So, don't let the fear of failure conquer the pleasure of participating. We should trust our ability and develop our confidence. Success and failure are two aspects of life. You never know what you’re going to receive. But the one thing you must know that you can make every attempt to succeed with invincible faith and unbeatable determination.

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  1. Sound advise for us, I think fear is the biggest obstacle many have. Thanks.

  2. sound advice as fear makes us stall and sputter,

  3. Great advice. We should always try for something that is important to us.

  4. This is of course great advice but fear may also keep us safe from danger and what is important is our judgement of the odds in favour or against and the risk we are willing to take.

    A thought provoking post. I had written out one comment but scrubbed that after I reconsidered the post.

  5. Never be afraid to fail. It's how to learn the greatest of life's lessons.

  6. @ Chris: Thank you:)

    @ Sheilagh: Thanks!:)

    @ Angel: Ya, we should. Thanks:)

    @ OldEgg: You're somewhat right about another aspect of fear. Thanks:)

    @ ThomG: Yes, you're absolutely right! That's how we gain experience and learn the lessons of life. Thanks:)

  7. failure is certainly the road to success...and that has been proven time and time again...

  8. very true words Tarang. It is the FEAR of failure that keeps us from walking towards success. hoping we all conquer the fear :)
    and yeah determination is what WORKS.
    wonderful blog :)
    keep writing :)

  9. @ Brian: True. Thanks:)

    @ Kirti: Thank you so much!:)

  10. So true! :)
    Love the way you used the words "brutally" and "sullenly".
    It is brutal to curb your desire to succeed and the feeling after you have let the opportunity go because of your fear is brutally sullen!
    Well said! :)

  11. I think we do not realize how much fear controls our lives but we do need a certain amount of fear otherwise we would be constantly arrested and in prisons. But then again fear can keep us in a prison of our mind and prevent us from doing simple things.

    So we must try and try until we succeed so we can move on to something new.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us for this seeks Theme Thursday. It was very thought provoking.

    God bless.

  12. Great reminder of how easy it is to let fear immobilize us. Thanks for encouraging us to use fear wisely.

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