Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glorious morning

The sun emerges with rosy hues
The morning appears bright and amused
Trees long to hug the sky
Birds look eager to fly
They sing their usual song
As if nothing is wrong
Spring flowers blossoms shyly
Oblivious of any melancholy
Soft breeze gives lovely vibes
The dawn beams at new lives
Mirth and melody spread all over
Nature shines with vibrant colors
Every morning discards gloominess
And pledges to share happiness
Pursue this spirit in life
Allow amity and reject strife

For: Poetry Picnic
       Poets United


  1. You used all the words! talent! That was such a good poem and the way you could use all the words given from Jingle:) very very nice work:)


  2. Thank you so much ~L! Glad you liked it:)

  3. well done, Tarang.. a very happy and refreshing post this!!

  4. Very positive and joyous lines here. A beautiful piece.

  5. @ Taylor: Thanks a lot!:)

    @ Rameshji: Thank you so much!:)

    @ Harshadji: Thanks!:)

    Glad you all liked it:)

  6. Hi Tarang
    Love the way you have endowed simple human gestures to other objects- trees hugging the sky, spring flowers blossoming shyly, mornings discarding residue.
    Very positive start to a sunday for me. Good to be back on OSI


  7. @ Rajesh: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it:)