Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dream’s Sake by: Jyoti Arora

Recently I finished this novel Dream’s Sake by Jyoti Arora. This story primarily revolves around five friends Abhi, Priyam, Sid, Aashi and Raj. 

Abhi, a really nice guy and his sister Priyam lost their parents in an accident. Their best friend Sid’s father adopted them and provided everything they wanted in life. But Sid still hates his father as he blames him for her mother’s suicide. Sid and Priyam are in love and dream to get married someday.

In their neighbourhood a girl Ashi comes to live. They immediately become friends. Gradually Abhi falls in love with Ashi but Ashi has big dreams for her life and she ignores Abhi. She gets attracted to a handsome and wealthy guy Raj, who loves Priyam but eventually she manages to persuade him to fall in love with her.

After so many dramatic incidents, Ashi realizes her love for Abhi, who loves her in any circumstances. But, it is very late now.

Before writing my views, I would like to congratulate the author for her determination and optimistic attitude towards life. When many people mourn over little difficulties in life, Jyoti Arora could not allow the medical difficulties arising from Thalassemia, that prevented her from going to school after class seventh, deter her dreams. She continued her studies through correspondence course and finally published her novel.

As far as my views are concerned, I would say, I have a mixed feelings about this book.

High points:

The book is written in multiple points of view and the author very skillfully jumps from one point of view to other that prevents a reader from getting confused.

The author has a sweet story to tell through really nice words and sentences. My favourite is: “Dreams are one treasure that God has bestowed on everyone without any discrimination.”

Low points:

There are quite a few mistakes in this book and Dream’s shake is the biggest mistake that is written in every page of the book (At least the copy I’ve got)

The font is very small and the book is very lengthy. Incidents are very filmy especially towards the end. Sometimes it seemed that I was watching a Hindi movie of 8o’s.

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