Friday, February 3, 2012

For unprivileged little ones


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Little dreams burgeoning in shining eyes
Little hopes budding in innocent hearts
 Little smile forming a chuckle
Little thoughts transforming into insight
Little joys growing into happiness
Little steps towards blissful future
Loads of love and care
And little opportunities are needed
To preserve sparkling smiles
To create a beautiful tomorrow
For unprivileged little ones

Flash 55...
 For: Short Story Slam: Love In Creativity Project
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  1. Wonderfully touching. In order to see those little dreams and hopes come to fruition we have to provide whatever opportunities we can, whether large or smile. Be blessed.

  2. True poem, rich with the value of small beginnings, the importance of small needs.

  3. There is a huge beautiful message in this beautiful poem Tarang!!

  4. These are the ones who need us most!

  5. @ Janaki: Thanks!:)

    @ Victoria: Thank you! Glad you liked it:)

    @ Carrie: Thank you so much!:)

    @ The Bug: Yes. Thanks for a nice visit:)