Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dream Girl

Everything is shrouded in ink black darkness. Eerie silence is stretched all over. He can see nothing but still some rattling sounds make him realizes that he is wandering in a deep forest. He is lost. Unable to comprehend, where to go.

Suddenly, a spot of light blinks. Gradually, it broadens. A figure appears from nowhere. It’s a girl. Who is she? He thinks. She comes closer. Much closer. His heart is pounding against his chest. Has he seen her ever? He puts some pressure on his memory. No! Certainly not! She is the most gorgeous girl he has ever seen. The girl parts her sensual red lips to say something. Her deep enchanting eyes smile. He waits. She extends her hands. His heart leaps.

Suddenly everything starts shaking. Earthquake! He stretches his hand to catch that girl. Strange, but he feels great concern for her. A bizarre connection. Then the entire surrounding baths in bright light. He looks for that girl. She is nowhere. His heart aches. A familiar face hovers near his face. Mohit! He shouts.

“Oh you broke my sweet dream. There was a beautiful girl in deep forest. A girl with perfectly shaped red lips and enchanting eyes. She was about to say something when you…”

“God Varun! You and your meaningless dreams. How can you see such dramatic and meaningless dreams every time you sleep? I seldom watch any dream. You know what you always use to think nonsense, that’s why.” Mohit says in exasperation.  “Leave it. We’re getting late.” Mohit says and runs towards the bathroom.

After an hour, along with hundreds of vehicle, Varun’s bike halts near traffic signal. The road is buzzing with loud yet undecipherable voices. Varun looks around as he waits for the traffic signal to turn green.

His wandering eyes stop suddenly. They fix on a beautiful girl, holding a bunch of white lilies. She is crossing the road. God! Varun’s heart skips several beats. She is the same girl from his dream! Exactly same! Same fuller red lips. Same enchanting eyes! Maybe it’s an illusion. Varun tries to be logical. He waits impatiently for that girl to come a little closer. He desperately wants to have a more distinct look. His heart triples its rate. “How could it be?” He thinks as the girl crosses her bike and looks at him briefly. She is the same girl! Varun wants to stop her. But…the signal goes green and the vehicles start to pace. Varun starts the engine and looks at the girl who gradually vanishes in the crowd. He wants to call her. He knows, he will never see that girl again. Not in his dreams and not in reality. Perhaps. But how could it be!? This question whirls in his mind as his bike races ahead.

P.S: I dream a lot and sometimes I see very clear unknown faces, though I tend to forget them in one or two days. I keep thinking do they really exist in this world? What if I meet them someday?

Written for: Thursday Tales
                         Magpie Tales


  1. WOW....very well written :)

    BTW You have been tagged!!

  2. Thank you so much! And Tagged? Well it's first time I've been tagged:) Thanks!:)

  3. how does he know he'll never see her. should not be so negative about it

    depth of field

  4. I'm not so sure he will never see her again. Dreams can and do come true. As a young girl, I had a recurring dream of a German man walking toward my car. I saw his face clearly. 4 years ago, I married that man.

  5. @ Zongrik: You’re right! Varun’s experience must be strange but being a positive person I've written PERHAPS after the sentence. Thank you for your comment:)

    @ Roan: It’s unbelievable! It’s quite an exciting story itself.

    I use to see some unknown clear faces in my dream and I wonder do they really exist or what if I see them in reality. Now I know they do exist and sometimes become dream girl or dream man of someone. Thanks for your comment:)

  6. Occasionally dreams make us aware about a future happening. It must be some science. A nice story Tarang. I enjoyed it very much.:)

  7. Thank you Bijaylaxmi! Glad you liked it:)