Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If it’s not forever…it’s not love: by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh

Today I finished reading If it’s not forever… it’s not love jointly authored by Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh. This is my first book by Durjoy Datta and second by Nikita Singh. I’ve read her debut novel Love @ Facebook and quite liked that.

This book tells a unique love story of Ritam and Ragini. Deb who survived in a bomb blast gets a burnt diary on the spot. The diary belongs to some RD who had poured his heart in it. He deeply loved Ragini but couldn’t tell her.

Thinking that RD (Ritam Dey) must have died in the blast, Deb, his girlfriend Avantika, his best friend Shrey and Shrey’s girlfriend Tiya (Who just turned 18), together on a road-trip, try to connect the dots and find Ragini. They want her to know that how much Ritam loved her and died without telling her.

This book is full of surprises and especially towards the end it becomes so gripping and interesting. It says a really beautiful love story. Character of Ritam is so adorable.

Storyline is very unique. But few things really irritated me in this book.

First: frequent use of abusive language which was annoying and not necessary at all. It definitely doesn’t represent your modernity and independence.

Second: Too much and absolutely unnecessary and pointless sex sequences. I think it ruined the beauty and innocence of this storyline. Also this book provides a very poor definition of “Turning 18”.


  1. hearing a lot about this book lately... and after reading your review will definitely read it soon :)

  2. It is v.good novel I just loved it.. I got emotional after reading last few pages...
    Ritam is v.good guy n he deserve a partner who love him endlessly. ...
    N its true iF ITS Not FOREVER ITS NOT LOVE