Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Setting limits

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It feels good when we see unlimited sky and wide horizon.  They evoke a sense of freedom! There’re unlimited dreams residing in our eyes and mind, we all want to fulfill them but some people put unlimited effort to fulfill them.

But in life, everything is not like sky and dreams. We should always keep a balance in everything. Be it parenting or being caring, eating habits or workouts, and so on.

If we talk about parenting, we tend to put some restrictions and rules to avoid the unlimited freedom that most teenagers want. But we should know that too much restrictions and rules can tamper their development. Sometimes too much caring can develop irritation as everyone needs space.

Similarly, exercise is good to maintain fitness but doing that in excess can cause some problems. We know that there are certain food items are extremely good for our health but eating them in excess can cause certain health disorders. Even drinking too much water can be dangerous.

Sometimes we think that fate has given us unlimited grieves and melancholy starts to possess us but then nature itself draws a limit and offers us some small packets of happiness and many reasons to smile.

We have heard it quite often that “Excess of anything bad” and so we have to draw a limit before something gets unlimited. That’s why there is a word “Balance”. Yes, you can of course spread unlimited happiness and smile in the world.

Written For: Poetry Jam


  1. My grandfather always said, "Moderation is the key." That's so true.

  2. balance def is the all areas of our lives...

  3. Right balance is the need of the hour...every hour...nice post.

  4. Yes too much of anything is not usually good. I try to aim for balance myself. I think it is an important concept to master--the art of balance--for a peaceful life. But then even too much quiet can be out of balance! Thanks for posting on Poetry Jam.

  5. very well put...many revel in the horror and slide over the beauty

    there is perfection in the horror of Life...purpose in tears...and we know it is a thorn bush, but we surely Live for the Rose

    Peace ☮

  6. @ Laurie: Yes, it's so true!:)

    @ Brian: Yes, of course. Thanks:)

    @ Janaki: Thanks for liking this post:)

    @ Peggy: 'master--the art of balance--for a peaceful life' Very well said. Thanks!:)

    @ RD: Thanks!:)

  7. I agree, too much of anything is poison.

    Pls check out

    Have something for your there!!

  8. Wow...beautiful post with beautiful message! Too much of anything is too bad!

  9. Yes, it definitely is hard to know what restrictions/limits to put on teen-agers. How to keep them safe while still allowing them to grow, that is the question. Thanks for doing Poetry Jam this week. Here's mine:

  10. @ ME: So sweet of you! Thank you so much:)

    @ Valli: Thank you!:)

    @ Mary: Thanks! Glad you liked it:)

  11. Some wise advice here Tarang! :-)

  12. This is all so true, balance is the key and moderation. I have a soon-to-be 16 year old and, trying to teach her right from wrong and not to do things in excess is not easy at all.
    Great write.

  13. There is wisdom here, thanks for sharing!

  14. Thanks for sharing your thoughts...I think balance and moderation are indeed the key ~

  15. @ Carrie: Thanks!:)

    @ Daydreamertoo: Thank you!:)

    @ Mystic Mom: Thanks!:)

    @ Heaven: Yes it is, indeed. Thank you!:)