Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Article Published in Woman's Era!

My Article “English is a Funny Language" has been published in Woman’s Era Magazine!

Actually I wrote this article out of irritation. The way some people use weird style of written English really irritates me. Da, Dis, Dem, Thnx, Gud, Lyf, Lyk, Mah, Pls….and so on.
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  1. Hey congrats dear...

    BTW can you tell me something did they send you this copy? Actually my article also got selected but I never got to know in which issue it got published. Thats why asking you

  2. Thanks Me!:)

    Yes, they send a copy for selected story and article and cutting for poem or short write-ups. They usually don’t inform about selection. One should call to know about their selected piece of writing but they do send copies or cuttings.

  3. I have been trying to follow up since long for the same. But there has been no revert from their end on this.... :(

  4. congrats. great work!! you are soooo lucky to get published.

    spring haiku and tanka

  5. Thank you so much Zongrik! Lucky...maybe but it also takes hard work and patience:)

  6. Congratulations. However can you answer one thing? I sent them an article by E-mail, almost a month ago. Do they consider such entries, or are snail mails preferred? Do they reply if you are not published?

  7. Thank you Akul!:)
    They do accept articles or stories through e-mails but they usually do not reply. You’ll have to call them (Rachna Department) to know the status of your article.

  8. Wish this a bigger picture. Am not able to read the article.

    But well said about sms lingo :)


  9. Oh, I'm sorry about the size of the image :(
    But I'm so happy you visited my blog to read the article! Thank you very much Preeti!!:)

  10. Do you have to send articles in a word document with images included as well?

    1. Hello Anusha,

      Yes, one needs to send articles/short stories in word documents. As for images, it's necessary to send them with your work.

      Thank for visiting! :)

  11. Hi tarang. Can u tell me the email to which I have to send articles.

  12. Hello Ghousia,
    You may send them to

  13. I want to write an article on women empowerment ,could you tell me the process regarding how and where to send it.

  14. @ Nani Network: You can send it to
    I wish you all the very best!