Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Silent Promises


A deep silence is stretched in the room. Like every day, Mayank is working on the table, encumbered with laptop, files, phones, pens…. while Vaishali is engrossed in her file with many other files and laptop strewn on the bed, as if they’re alone in the room.

This is the penalty of working in multi-national company and drawing handsome salaries. After returning from their offices, they get scanty chance to talk over dinner, before switching to their respective workload of office. Morning is always hectic. Hasty breakfast, hasty goodbye kisses and racing car rides.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, darkness blankets the room, leaving them bewildered. They live in a posh area of the city and power-cut is unusual.

“What the hell is this?” Mayank mutters out of irritation.

Gradually, temperature of May starts to supersede the coolness of air-conditioned room. Fifteen minutes pass waiting for electricity. No, today it was not going to retrieve in a blink.

Putting the file on the bed, Vaishali reaches her neglected terrace with frustrated steps, not remembering after how many days. They usually don’t get chance to spend time here. Office meetings, official tours, business parties and tremendous work load. Slumber use to claim just after hitting their heads on the pillow.

The aura, bathed in bright moonlight leaves her awe-struck. Enchanting fragrance wafts up from the Plumeria tree, so close to her flat. Cool and crisp night breeze caresses her softly giving her tickles. So many potted plants are dancing in joy. Thank God her maid waters them regularly. Whisper of wind seems like Lullaby. She yearns to soak in the beauty of the night and her heart fills with delight and contentment. Tension seems to melt away. She sits on the swing and sees Mayank approaching her.

How she ignored this delight? She wonders. A smile appears on her glowing face. Mayank lovingly embraces her in his arms. Ah, this feeling! This serene anbience! In the desire of succeeding in their career and chaos of life, they have almost forgotten the joy of being together. Pleasures of family life! The bond they suppose to share. 

Vaishali looks at Mayank. A content smile is playing on his lips. He tightens the grip. No need to say anything. Eyes have exchanged many promises and silent mutual agreement. Promise of love and togetherness. Agreement of savouring this blessing of generous nature every day and filling the emptiness of their family life.

My Entry for Theme Thursday
                  And Three Word Wednesday


  1. It does take a power outage in today's society to remind us of what's truly important, and where life's riches really lie. Beautiful and evocative.

  2. Beautiful tale - well narrated!

  3. terrible that it takes apower outage for some people now a days to find time just to spend together.

  4. :) Yes, it's odd but in the present hectic scenario, 'some' people don't get quality time to spend with their dear ones.

    Thanks for your comment:)

  5. It is so sad when work interferes with our home life. And there is such a fear of losing our jobs that we are willing to take work home with us. I think this does not make for a happy work life or a happy home life. Just a bunch of overworked people who are too busy to truly enjoy life or their loved ones.

    I think everyone needs to just slow down and smell the roses.

    That was a great story you wrote and thanks for sharing it with us. Happy Theme Thursday and have a great weekend.

    God bless.

  6. @ Mrsupole: Very well said! I'm glad you liked this story. Thank you very much:)