Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Satyamev Jayate

Sirf hangama khada karna mera maksad nahin
Meri Koshish hai ki ye soorat badalni chahiye
Mere sine mein nahin to tere seene mein sahi
Ho kahin bhi aag, lekin aag jalni chahiye

With these uplifting lines, the much awaited television show of Aamir Khan "Satyamev Jayate" has started this Sunday on Star Plus, in 11 a.m. timeslot.  Aamir Khan has already proved many times that he puts his ultimate effort in whatever he does and whatever he does becomes special and different in its own way. I am pleasantly surprised that unlike other celebrity shows Aamir Khan is not just trying to entertain us by hansi-mazak or drama, but he is focusing on the very serious social issues in order to create awareness and bring blissful/peaceful changes in our society. "Dil pe lagegi tabhi baat banegi." Very well said!

The First episode highlighted the issue of female feoticide and disappointment on the birth of female child which happens even in our so-called intellectual society (According to the facts and figures, it’s more common in urban society than rural areas). Some victims shared their heart-wrenching experiences. Those incredible real-life stories were an emotional eruption. Pity and anger surged at the same time.

It’s not that we haven’t heard people talking about this issue. But it’s much more than we think. And maybe a celebrity voice, like Aamir Khan’s, who reflects reality, pain and positivity through his poignant and sensible films (I have seen Taare Zamee Par and Rang De Basanti many times and every time they touch my heart), can make a difference.

Initially, this show reminded me of “Zindagi Live” on IBN 7. But it is different in its own special way. This programme has much more in its kitty than just sharing painful experiences. Apart from unveiling the filthy and bitter yet truths of our society, it presented some eye-widening facts/figures with enlightened opinions. This show also highlighted the bright side of our society that brings a ray of hope. Moreover, Aamir Khan’s effort to bring some pleasant changes in our society doesn’t halt here only. There will be a programme called “Asar” on Star News, dealing with the after effect of this show.

The first episode ended with awareness and hope and a very poignant song “O ri chiraiya, nanhi si chiriya, angna mein phir aa jaa re”.  I’m really looking forward to watching this show. A very positive step towards awareness and hope through Satyamev Jayate definitely deserves our attention and appreciation.


  1. I agree completely. An excellent beginning to a much awaited show. I just hope and pray it does not get lost amidst all the issues that we as a country are facing.

  2. Indeed a great show and I wish it can solve few of the problems of our country.

  3. @ Me & Saru Singhal: Let's hope for the best. This show is gaining very positive response. Thank you!:)