Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Vanished in a blink

Image taken from Short Story Slam

Some dreams waltz in mind
Heart yearns to embrace them…tight
Vanished in a blink

Monday, September 24, 2012

Finding a way in difficult situations

There's a quotation "मुश्किलें इतनी बढ़ीं कि आसां हो गईं" (Mushkilein Itni Badhi Ke Aasan Ho Gayi) and I like this!

Life is full of problems. Small or big. Expecting a problem free life is expecting too much from life. It can never be this generous. But I think there’s always a solution. Always a way to proceed. None of your problems can stop the rhythm of your life. Life tends to go on.

Sometimes we really feel helpless in any particular difficult situation. We find it so difficult that we can’t resist thinking that nothing can be done. But I can say with my personal experiences that there’s always a solution, waiting somewhere to kill the existing problem. When life traps you in some trouble, it also has some solution stored in a corner of its closet. We just have to extract it. Many times I have experienced some problems that seemed perpetual. I start to think ‘What can be done with this?’ ‘How will I manage this?’ but as I set my mind free to find some way out, I get one (It may seem tough initially but you get used to it gradually).  And I’m not exaggerating.

Some incidents stir our lives. They compel our minds to stick to them. Weeping hearts refuse to come out of that trauma. But at this point moving on can be the only solution. You can’t control some mishaps in your life. But you can control your emotions. Your conscience. Your thoughtfulness.

Sometimes, you can’t do anything about those difficulties of your life that tend to jump in the pond of your happiness, jumbling your peaceful mind. Ruining your chuckling halcyon moments. But you can learn to tackle those problems. The more you try to run away from the difficulties, the bigger it appears.

Actually, life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you handle what happens.

                      One Single Impression

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The immigrant by Manju Kapur

Yesterday I finished a novel “The Immigrant” by Manju Kapur.  This review is for Random House India Book Review Program. I would like to thank RandomReads for giving me the opportunity to read and review their books.

The Immigrant tells the story of Nina…and Ananda and complications in their arranged marriage. Nina is a lecturer of English literature in Miranda House College, Delhi University and is single @ thirty. She lives with her widowed mother, who always worries about Nina’s marriage.

 Ananda is a dentist, practicing in Cananda. He comes to India, as his sister is planning his marriage, to meet Nina.

After a year-long, long-distance courtship, Nina and Ananda get married. Nina shifts to Canada where life is very different for her. Ananda helps her to adjust in every way. As a husband, Ananda is caring but he suffers from sexual problem. Where Nina wants to talk and find some solution, Ananda tends to run away from his problem. Deeply affected by loneliness, Nina gets a job in a library. Meanwhile Ananda tries to resolve the problem of his sexuality, without telling his wife.

Among some uneventful incidents, both Nina and Ananda divert from their loyalty and indulge themselves in extramarital affairs.  After much mishmash, the novel ends with Nina’s decision to get separate from Ananda, out of her strong desire for freedom and hope of finding a new horizon.

Frankly speaking, I did not understand the gist of the story. The excerpt seemed appealing as it indicated that this story had something interesting to offer, but for me the execution of the story was dull and somehow meaningless (Though it started well). It was hard to extract a solid story/motive out of this book.

Apart from this, many times, the story keeps fluctuating between past tense and present tense. I personally did not like the idea of multiple Point of View and unnecessary details of Ananda as his introduction. There are too much ‘uninteresting’/ ‘passionless’ sex sequences (I won’t say unnecessary as it seems that the entire book is about this only). Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between narration and dialogues as if there’s some kind of hurry. There’re some unimportant detailed descriptions that lead the story nowhere, snatching its crispness.

Over all, I would say that I had high expectations as this book is by Manju Kapur, author of critically acclaimed novels like ‘Difficult daughters’ and ‘Home’, but I’m disappointed.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ah, my creation!

Filling colours in
Vivid imaginations
Different shades and hues

Learning, improving
And achieving expertise
Sense of contentment

Artistic blend of
Sparkling colours, reflect art
Ah, my creation!

Interestingly, I’m very bad at painting but I find water colour painting and oil painting very-very fascinating. I hope and I wish I could paint skillfully someday….soon

Written for September Heights

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Symphony of Rain!

Spattering, heavy
Raindrops, sound mesmerizing
Symphony of Rain!

Written for: September Heights
                  Haiku My Heart

Friday, September 7, 2012

On two years of blogging and appreciation!

I’m happy. Feeling content. My blog turns two years old this month. For me it’s an achievement as I was very apprehensive about starting a blog. I have never thought that I could ever write 381 posts on my blog. But thanks to my brother Nilabh, who encouraged or literally dragged me to this interesting world and I’m glad. (I would like to congratulate my brother as he is going to be a published author as his debut novel ‘Swayamwar’ is going to release very soon. It’s a mythological novel, based on ‘The Mahabharata’. If you like Hindi and Mythological book, I’m sure you’re going to like it as it’s an interesting theme and Nilabh is a very good writer.)

Okay, back to my blog. It’s a very-very special space for me. It helped me to unlock my imagination and thoughts. I met some really nice bloggers. It feels great when my online friends appreciate my writing through their nice comments. When they support my blog by joining this site. I truly thank all of them. Appreciation really means a lot. It inspires. It encourages.

Here I am to say a very-very SPECIAL THANKS to NEHA from Neha’s Journal and JASKIRAN from Footnotes as they nominated me for two awards.

                                                                By Jaskiran & Neha

                                                          By Neha

Thank you so much Neha and Jaskiran for this encouragement and appreciation. I’m honoured and feeling very happy.

Well, I have to answer some questions so here it goes….

Questions by Neha

Have you ever fallen off your bed while sleeping?
Yes (In my childhood. Of course!)

Do you still sleep with your teddy bear?

Which celebrity do you have a crush on right now?

Have you ever done something crazy or wild? If so, do tell.
Usually, I don’t do crazy things but recently, we had gone for an outing at 1:30 a.m. and that is crazy enough for me.

Your favourite super hero?
Hmmm…Er…. Logan (Wolverine) from X-Men (If he can be considered as a super hero??)

Favourite childhood cartoon character
All the cartoon characters by cartoonist Pran (Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo, Pinky, Sabu…) and Super Commando Dhruv.

Your hobbies
Reading, Writing, Music and of course Blogging.

Your favourite author
Sharat Chandra Chattopadyaya and Debbie Macomber.

Your favourite junk food

Your favourite music band
Music Band? Mmmm…Shankar-Ehsan-Loy??

Are my questions silly or stupid?

 Questions for me by Jaskiran:

Which is that one where you want to be at the moment?

Which is the favorite composition of yours? 
Ahem... You, Move on, We will meet again, Crimson with delight, Without you, Reminiscences,  Solitude is a friend, I wonder.... (This is too much I guess)

Travelling or writing or both?

What are your emotions on receiving this award?
Happy…very happy & honoured!

What is your favorite subject to write poetry on?
Nature and Life (Sometimes inspirational...ahem)

What shall be my next question?
What does writing poetry means to you…:) (See how intelligent I am :))

What does writing/poetry means to you?
Expressing my emotions and thoughts whirling in my mind. (Actually my mind is always occupied).

What is your favorite season?

What is your favorite book?
Aalampanah by Rafia Manjurul Ameen, Swami by Sharat Chandra, This Matter of Marriage & Moon Over Water by Debbie Macomber & Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.

Would you ever want to get lost in an exotic jungle?

The one discovery/invention inspires you?

I dedicate these awards to all the creative bloggers (I read many nice blogs quite often) who manage to write very creatively & regularly on this open space….

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Home (Short Story): Part Two

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Part One

Next morning brought the clamor and wails of people. River burst its bank and flooded the whole basti. Flood destroyed many houses and Geeta’s home was one of them. Her mud–house was ready to merge with mud. Loads of water assailed the house and everything was floating in the crazy water splashes. She could not understand what to do? Normal rise in water level was expected but this was a massive assault.

Fat tears were spilling over Geeta’s withered cheeks. She struggled to fetch some household stuffs, crying continuously. She held Shankar firmly, and tried to flounder in the unfretted currents, as it was difficult to stand those torrents. Everyone was trying to do so. Some people were crying aloud and searching for their dear ones. Geeta’s heart ached terribly and she thought herself blessed as she was with her son.

“Where is Kajri?” shanku asked anxiously. “Kajri! Kajri!” he shouted.

“I don’t know.” Geeta also felt worried, but it was neither the time nor circumstances to search kajri. It was the question of their life.

However, Shanku was not ready to go anywhere without Kajri. He was looking around for her. His eyes were flooded with tears. Suddenly they heard a shriek of a woman who was crying for help as her small baby was pitching in the stream. Before Geeta could understand anything, Shankar ran to that direction.

“Shanku! Don’t.” Geeta shouted. Her heart flew to her throat. But, the unbelievable view she saw, had stopped her scream. She saw Shankar swimming so skillfully. Within few minutes, Shankar was swimming back with the child. Geeta’s heart throbbed with fear but her eyes welled up with tears of happiness. The woman showered Shankar with blessings.
“His shanku was so brave. He was not a small child now, really. When and how did he learn swimming?” thoughts were whirling in her mind, and she pictured Shankar playing in the river, in spite of her restrictions.

 All of a sudden, she started to feel secured. Shankar seemed a strong pillar to her lonely life. Her son, her son was so courageous and sensible. Uncertainties of her life seemed to fade away. She embraced him securely as he approached her.  

Flood has devastated that place. Kajri was nowhere to be seen. People made a mass exodus from that place. Shanku was weeping for Kajri. Suddenly, two big black eyes, floating in water, ringed the bell.

“Kajri!” Shanku cried.

He ran towards her. He faltered, but nothing could stop him.
He lifted her and buried her against his chest. It seemed that two departed friends were meeting after several years. Tears refused to stay in the eyes of Geeta and Shankar. Geeta could not believe her luck.   
There was a melee of people on the boat, which was making for the relief camp. Geeta sat on the boat cosseting her son and kajri, thinking about her destroyed home.   Reminiscences of the days in her home brought tears in her eyes and a hard pain in her heart. Now she will have to take fresh start. Nevertheless, she was thinking herself fortunate as the calamity had shattered many lives.

All was an absolute nightmare but she was resolute to ameliorate the situation, as she was a proud mother of a brave son. However, of course there were few questions in her mind, that how many times anyone can make their homes? How many time people will endure the pain of losing their kith and kin, as every year flood wipes out many happy lives, departs their dear ones? What is the solution? Until when, one has to live in silhouette of this fear that next year again flood will appear as a giant and will gulp many halcyon homes?
                                                           The End.