Monday, December 17, 2012

Author's Interview: Nilabh Verma

Here I'm in conversation with Nilabh Verma, whose debut novel Swayamvar has been released recently.

First of all, welcome to my blog and congratulations for your debut novel. It's quite an achievement. What do you think?

Thanks! Really it's a very special feeling to be a published author. Feeling like I've achieved something...indeed.

Tell me something about you.

I'm from Bhagalpur Bihar. By profession, I'm an IT professional, currently working with Microsoft as a regional Trainer in New Delhi. I'm crazy about food, TV, movies, internet and mythological books (Obviously)

Tell me something about your writing. Do you follow any strict rules for writing? What prompted you to write Swayamvar?

I'm a very active blogger and currently running three blogs It's My Countdown, Dharm Sansar and Nilabh. I also write regularly for a magazine called Muskan Yugm. As far as Swayamvar is concerned, it's my first effort. I don't follow any rules for writing. Actually, I don't make rules in life. 

What prompted me? Question should be who prompted me? You know. It's you. Thanks for your support.

You're most welcome:)
Was it difficult to get a publisher for your book? Aspiring writers would like to know about the hurdles of getting published (If any)

Not really. Actually, I got response from three publication houses. I chose Diamond Books as they're one of the biggest publishers in India. I think if your subject is unique and your writing is fresh, you can find publisher for your novel.

Very Well said. Hindi novels are not very popular these days. What do you think about this?

I think it's due to current education system and mentality of (Some people) not reading and even speaking in Hindi. People want to send their children in English medium only where they're not allowed to speak in Hindi. This is unfortunate. I find it really funny that in India we need to celebrate Hindi Diwas. I think due to these things Hindi readers are decreasing day by day. But there're very good books in Hindi that you can read.

Would you like to share something about your next project?

Well, I'm planning to write the sequel to Swayamvar. The plot is ready and the title will be "Rudra Ke Sanidhya Mein." However, it depends on the response of Swayamvar. Let's see how it goes.

It's mythological subject again. Would you like to write something other than mythology sometime in future?

See mythology is huge and I'm particularly interested in it but someday in future I would like to write about something concerning the hideous aspect of our society. 

Who is your favourite author/Book?

There're many. For me Premchand is unmatched. I also like Narendra Kohli. Few amazing books are Vayam Rakhshamah (Acharya ChaturSen), Yayati (Vishnu Sakharam Khandekar), Baanbhatt Ki Atmakatha (Hajari Prasad Dwedi), Mrityunjay (Shivali Sawant) and Mahabharata. Actually I'm addicted to Mahabharata. 

What do you think of blogging?

Just to let the readers know what and how I think.

Some people say you can hardly find any fault in your writings. What do you think?

It's true. But you can always make it better. Actually you'll find something that needs to be improved every time you read your writings.

Any writing tips for aspiring writers?

I don't think I'm eligible enough to give any tips to writers. Just want to say that always write what you actually think, in your own way.

What do you prefer - e-book/electronic devices or the traditional  way of reading?

Traditional way always. However I strongly agree that e-books are the best way to save paper (Which we need to do) but you can't have that kind of feeling which you can have with traditional books.


  1. Nice interview Tarang! :)
    Yes, I too feel the same regarding e-books. It is so difficult for me, if I have to read for long hours using system :)

  2. Your interviews do not deviate out of text.Nice. yes, I'm also on the line of traditional reading.

  3. @ Valli & Rudraprayaga: Same here!! Thanks:)

  4. Good. It's now online. Thanks for publishing my interview. I am also getting some nice reviews from readers. Thanks again.