Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shopaholic Abroad: by Sophie Kinsella

Yesterday, I finished reading Shopaholic Abroad by Sophie Kinsella. I received this book from Random House India (Random Reads) for an honest review.

This book tells a jiggling tale of Rebecca Bloomwood (Becky), who lives with her friend Suze, has a nice career as a finance expert (A television personality), and leads a smooth love life with Luke. Her characteristic feature is that she is a shopping addict. She moves to New York with her boyfriend in hope of a bright life and career but her obsessive shopping traps her into debt and then innumerable problems, including her ruined career and love life.

How she settles everything is something interesting to know in this book. Honestly, initially I felt that the book is going nowhere. The protagonist is just shopping and shopping and shopping. It lacked the structure but later on the charm of Sophie Kinsella was back. The very familiar humour was back. And the pleasure of reading was back. It got interesting and engrossing.

I so like the writing style of the author. Becky is like every other (Troublesome & always in trouble) heroine of Kinsella yet she is interesting and adorable. Some situations are very humourous. Overall, I would say, it's not like "I've got your number" (I loved this!) and not even "Twenties Girl  but for me it was a nice read!


  1. Hahaha, Too much shopping can drop us in troubles. Interesting review Tarang!

  2. Interesting review. Everything including shopping should be framed within the thickness of the purse.