Friday, February 1, 2013

The Phone Call

Navya returns from her office. Exhausted. It was a hot and hectic day. She flops her bag and herself on the bed. Suddenly, she realizes that her stomach is churning with appetite. She hasn't eaten anything whole day.  Today is Thursday and she is on fast.

She is left with no energy to make something so, cancels the idea of cooking and decides to order something from a restaurant nearby. She calls her friend residing in a  flat downstairs, who frequently orders from that restaurant, to ask for the number. Her friend gives her the number and she hastily dials it.

"Hello" A male voice says.

"Hello, is this Jayaka restaurant?" Navya asks in well modulated English tone.


"Can you tell me about your menu?"

"What do you want to have?" Comes a reply.

"Tell me what you have in your menu for dinner?" Navya says.

"We have everything in our menu. You tell me what would you like to have?" The male voice says in a professional tone.

Navya sighs in irritation. "Do you have Veg Munchurian or Chilly paneer and veg fried rice?"

"Yes. We have all these things. What would you like to order?"

"Okay. Send me a plate of veg munchurian and veg fried rice."

"Okay. Tell me your address."

Navya recites the address. "How much time will it take?" She asks as she can feel her stomach growling.

"Just half an hour."

"Okay, thanks." Navya disconnects the phone and heads towards the bathroom to have a shower. After taking shower, she performs puja and eagerly waits for the delicious meal.

Even after forty minutes her dinner has not arrived. She waited some more though she badly wanted to gobble something but today she can have just one meal. An hour passes by and there's no trace of her dinner. She redials the number of the restaurant.

"Hello." The same male voice says.

"It's been an hour but my dinner hasn't arrived yet. How long it will take?" Navya is unable to hide her irritation.

"What dinner?" The voice says nonchalantly.

"What do you mean by what dinner? I've ordered a veg munchurian and veg fried rice an hour ago. How could  you be so irresponsible? Someone is hungry and you do not care?" Navya is now getting seriously annoyed.

There's a pause. "Hello, this is Jayaka restaurant na?" Navya asks.

"Oh that" The male voice says as if recalling something.  "That was a wrong number. This is not any restaurant or something."

It angers Navya to no extent. "Then why did you...."

"I talked to you just for fun. By the way your voice is cute." Navya can sense amusement in his voice. Her planning to have a tasty meal after tired starving day has backfired embarrassingly & foolishly.

 "It's fun for you? At least you shou..." Before Navya can vent out her anger and embarrassment, the phone starts to beep with the dial tone.



Sri Valli said...

So annoying! Poor Navya, she must have slept with hunger! Nice story Tarang!

Tarang Sinha said...

Yes, it's annoying! But she didn't sleep hungry. This time she called the correct number...:)
Glad you liked it! Thank you:)

Sri Valli said...

Ohw! wonder why my mind didn't think in realistic and positive way! Loved your conclusion :)

Tarang Sinha said...

:D Thanks!:)

Green Speck said...

Ooops ... what a twist ... I hope she had something to eat !!! And yes, amazing story :-)

Tarang Sinha said...

:) Thank you!:)

Diksha Sharma said...

Damn. Had i been in Navya's place, I would've traced down the psycho and slapped him hard for playing this trick on me. :O

Tarang Sinha said...


Sheilagh Lee said...

some people I hope she got to eat great story.

Stan Ski said...

Home cooking for me...!

Tarang Sinha said...

:) Thanks!

Tarang Sinha said...

Yes, home cooked food is always best but sometimes when you're tired or want something different to eat you may opt for readymade food...:)

Managua Gunn said...


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