Thursday, February 7, 2013

Will you please keep Quiet?!!


You might have liked Kareena Kapoor as Geet in Jab We Met. Or a boy in a Vodafone Ad who talks a lot and says "Ladkiyaan Kitnaaaa Baat Kartin Hain Yaar!". Or Rj's on FM radio, whose job is to talk non stop. Or many other people in your surrounding who are very talkative.

BUT imagine...I mean JUST IMAGINE, you are sitting in a hospital for long hours.  Disturbed. Or tired. Or tensed. Or maybe in a normal mood. Desperately waiting for your turn. Maybe your appointment number is far behind as the doctor has arrived late.

AND Someone standing or sitting beside you is blabbering & blabbering & blabbering...just non-stop!! Talking just nonsense in high tone. Laughing stupidly at some irrelevant talks at regular intervals. Fidgeting a lot that it seems he/she may collide with you any time.  How would you feel? Wouldn't you want to ask her/him to just shut up?

Hospital is a place where, generally, most of the people are tensed or disturbed, tired or maybe in pain. You don't know about anyone's condition. Maybe, anyone can be feeling dizzy with happiness. Maybe anyone take high pleasure in talking and laughing nonstop, or couldn't resist/wait pouring his/her heart out, but don't you think one has to be careful about the environment around them and should check their behavior? Jabbering and laughing out loud at a place like hospital seems very-very irritating. Doesn't it?



  1. Yes, true! very irritating!

    We should act and behave according to the surroundings. Very well said Tarang!

  2. I am so talkative by nature, I keep blabbering (but sensible talks :D), but Hospitals...a strict NO. I can imagine how irritating it can be. I also don't like people who keep weird ring-tones and always forget to keep their phone in silent mode.

  3. Hi Gayu,
    Being talkative is absolutely okay :) but as you said Hospitals...a strict No. We should be careful about the environment & surrounding. And very well said about weird ringtones...:)