Thursday, April 25, 2013

Because Shit Happened: by Harsh Snehanshu

Finished reading Because Shit Happened by Harsh Snehanshu. He is an IITian and author of four books.

This book tells about Amol Sabharwal who writes interesting one liners (and feels that unique quotes written by normal people should get recognition). This gives birth to the idea of a start-up venture He is passionate about this business (Calls it his baby), puts a lot of effort, sacrifices some important things but finally one fateful day he decides to quit.

What makes him to take this difficult decision? If you want to know then go ahead, this book will tell you all about starting a dream venture and what NOT to do in a start-up!

I've read his first book and found it a nice read (Considering he was a first time author). As far as this book is concerned, I wasn't very much interested in Amol's venture (I've (Again) read some really nice reviews and so decided to read it). I'm not impressed with author's writing style (Considering it's his 'fourth' book. I felt it hasn't gained maturity with time and experience :( )  It seemed that he is narrating daily routine of the protagonist, (as if translating his synchronized thoughts) that is slow (Amol doesn't leave any moment of his daily life!).

But there are of course some nice things in this book. First of all, the quotes by Amol. Then it's book cover! It goes really well with the subject. And above all, the prologue of this story. I really liked it!

Overall, for me, it was an average read. will be a nice read for youngsters and budding entrepreneurs. So if you're one of them, go grab it!:)

This unbiased book review is for Random House India (Random Reads: Official blog of RHI). Thanks!

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