Monday, May 20, 2013

The diary of a social butterfly: by Moni Mohsin

This is my first book by Moni Mohsin. "The diary of a social butterfly" published by Random House India, is a diary of butterfly, a wealthy so called socialite of Pakistan. She calls her husband Janoo (Sometimes Boodhi Rooh! And she is so gay, so gay keh koi hisaab nahin...) and mother-in-law Old Bag. She doesn't care what happens in her country or world. She is just interested in fashion, parties, GT (Oho, get together aur kya?) and her horrible (Wrong and  misspelled words) Hinglish.

If you talk about story, there is no story. It's a series of random diary entries. Actually, this is a collection of weekly columns written by the author for Friday Times, Lahore.

I've read some fabulous review of this book and that's why I decided to read this. Especially, the 'hilarious' term used for this book attracted me. But unfortunately, I didn't find it hilarious. Of course, butterfly's Hinglish is amusing but it becomes monotonous and sometimes disturbing later on due to lack of proper plot and any twists and turns.

Writing style is very light but it's too light to talk about. You have to bear with horrible English, eg. I've chup karaoed everybody, Dior ka saddle bag must hai for me, Aik tau they have also become kaamchor, God safe me from family, deer departeds and many more.... thanks to butterfly's strong desire to speak English! And since it's her diary, the book is full of this language!!

The book cover is nice! Every entry is very short that makes it an easy and quick read.

It can be interesting for weekly columns but it doesn't seem like a novel as there is no continuity. You read it from anywhere and you won't feel like missing something. If you are a person who gets amused by every little thing, it will be a fun read for you but for me, it was an average read. Not so interesting and definitely not hilarious.

I received this book from Random Reads for an honest review. Thanks Rukun!


  1. I had also heard a lot about it and was curious when you posted a review but now I am kinda disappointed!


    1. :) It means you don't get amused easily by every little thing:)

  2. Did know about it before..but after reading about the horrible Hinglish I'm not going to waste money on it..:)