Sunday, June 9, 2013

Paying for your friends!!

I always like to read Sonal Kalra's column The calmer you in HT City. Today's column Kyonki Koi Koi Friend Kanjoos Hota hai reminded of me some incidents.

We often used to eat chaat, golguppa, bhelpuri and ice-creams at the thelas near our college gate.

"Let's have chaat/ice-cream/...?" I would say.

"No, I don't want to (Who doesn't want to have chatpata chaat, bhelpuri or ice-creams?). It's okay. You eat." The other girl with me would say. Maybe, some people doesn't want to waste money in these things or so...

How can you eat, making the other stand, just looking at you or others!!

For me, it was absolutely okay to pay for my friends (I have very limited friends;)) sometimes, in order to enjoy the brunch.

"Who is your best friend?" One day I asked one of my cousin uncles, who was just two years senior to me.

"There are three-four." He said.

Three-four best friends!! I had a concept of having just one best friend.

"Do you guys eat out?"

"Yes, sometimes."

"Who pays?" I asked just like that.

"What do you mean by who pays?" He was surprised. "We pay individually."

"But what if anyone in your group doesn't want to spend money. You make them stand, just looking at you?"

"No. If any guy in our group doesn't want to spend money, we all cancel the brunch. But nobody pays for anyone."

Obviously, I was looking at him with great surprise. But now I always smile when I think of this.


  1. Ha ha... that was some thought provoking post Tarang.. I also remember missing parties not because I did not want to pay but because I could not afford so many of them every month :)

    1. Spending for 'SO MANY PARTIES' is not wise either, no matter you could afford it or not...:)

  2. Prefer to go Dutch always except for treats on special occassions.

  3. Hehehehe! Lol! All the like minded Kanjoos became friends!

  4. hehe
    the friends and their kanjoosi :P
    we all have our share to pay in parties..
    but on some random...
    kabhi kabhi.. koi na koi bakra ban jata hai..