Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Rose Grower: by Michelle de Kretser

Finished reading "The Rose Grower" by Michelle de Kretser. 

This beautiful is set in the years of French revolution, when Sophie and her family Her father, elder sister Claire, her kid sister Mathaldi and a dog Brutus) struggle to survive the terrors of revolution.

An American balloonist Stephen, lands in their life. Sophie nurtures a special feeling for Stephen but he instantly falls in love with Claire, who is married and has a son. A doctor Joshep, secretly loves Sophie. And Sophie cherish a dream, a passion to create a repeat-flowering crimson rose.

On a cloudless summer afternoon in 1789, labourers working in the fields around Montsignac, a village in Gascony, saw a man fall of the sky.....

The farm workers straightening up one by one, shaded their eyes against the dazzle of sun on crimson and blue silk........

Then there was thunder and fire, and a man plummeting earthwards. It was the 14th of July. The world was about to change.

Lovely imagery and a beautiful start. The writing style is beautiful and lyrical! I liked the lovely and tender touch of romance in this book.

A gust of wind brought a handful of white blossom whirling in from the orchard. A wet petal clung to the back of her (Sophie's) head. He (Joseph) thought, I could just put out my hand, very gently, and take that petal on my finger and she wouldn't know I'd touched her.

I would say it's a beautiful book, especially for the readers who like reading classics (Like Jane Austen or Bronte sisters) and historical fiction. For me, it was a nice read!

I received this book from Random House India for an honest review. Thanks Random Reads!


  1. the only book I read which is based on French Revolution is Tale of Two Cities..
    I enjoyed that.. would love to read this one too