Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book-Review: One & a half wife by Meghna Pant

Finished reading One & a half wife by Meghna Pant (Westland Books: I wonder why Westland has changed it's logo!!). It's her debut novel and her second book "Happy Birthday" collection of short stories has been released recently.

One & a half wife deals with relationships, bonds and emotions and says that change is inevitable. The story tells about Indian immigrants who desperately want to achieve American dreams. Do they always live their desired dreams?

Amara Malhotra is a very good (Shy, Thoughtful & Caring) Indian girl whose future has been declared by a punditji that she will be one & half wife (Sadly, I didn't understand the meaning, even after reading the whole book :( ). Her mother Radha (Biji) desperately prays to move America to fulfill her and Amara's American dreams and desires and finally one fine day, Amara's Dua mama opens the door of America for them.

After unexpected rejection from her dear cousin Riya and not so interesting teenage life, Amara enters a suffocating marriage which leads to a painful divorce or in biji's language die-force :)

Is this the end of life for Amara (as she thinks so)? Definitely not! Actually it's a new and beautiful start of her life, back in so called modern India, that is going to transform her life and persona.

How? Go grab the book and read. It's a wonderful book that you'll find hard to put down. It's a very well crafted story. There are well defined characters. And the author creates a lovely imagery through believable incidents and neat and crisp writing style.

There's an interesting touch of humour also. I always smiled when I envisioned Biji's temple face. And her English is really amusing!

I really liked the idea of starting and ending the book in same pattern but on a different note.

Overall, it was a fantastic read! I would say that every book lover especially women should read this book. Highly recommended!

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  1. Oh this sounds interesting must buy it :)

  2. Glad to get the review on this book. Now that I ma getting back on my reading spree this month! Thanks Tarang...glad we crossed paths through UBC.

    1. Thanks! Enjoy the pleasure of reading...
      Same here!!:)

  3. seems interesting! She is quite educated btw, I saw the author's profile on her website :)

    1. Yes, she is! And yes, this book is interesting!:)

  4. Well well the story to me looks interesting but also quite banal..but you say the author brought great characters so perhaps its worth it. Great to connect with you through UBC :-)