Sunday, October 13, 2013

Eerie night.....

The wind is howling outside. ‘tak…tak…tak’ the windows start beating violently. Kanika closes them. Furiously dancing trees are giving an eerie sensation at this wee hour. Varun had said that he will be back till 9 o'clock but now the night has grown deep. She starts to feel uncomfortable. Just three days back they had shifted to this large house located in a remote area fringed with lush greenery. She can now hear the pitter-patter of heavy raindrops on the windowpane after a frightening thunder

Tring…tring…the phone rings and it flashes the number of Varun. She picks up the phone immediately but gets beep tone. She dials his number but couldn't connect. He is out of coverage area. ‘Where he could be at this hour?’ She thinks.

‘Tannn’ the wall clock strikes one and then the house plunges into a deep darkness. She searches for the candles but couldn't find them. Suddenly, she hears a hard thud as if someone has just landed on the roof. She skips several beats. Her heart is throbbing so hard that she can hear them. She feels scared to death. She had told Varun not to buy this house….

The phone rings again. It’s Varun! She feels slightly relieved.  “Hello, where are you?” She almost shouts. The line is not clear but she could hear him. “The road is blocked due to bad weather. I’ll come tomorrow morning. Don’t worry and keep the door and windows closed. I….” The call disconnects again.

Kanika has to spend this creepy night alone. But she can’t sleep. She hugs herself tightly and waits for the electricity and then….someone knocks the door……!!

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    1. Hmmm....hey maybe you can write the sequel! Would like to read that:) Can we spread this post for the sequel? How's that?:)

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you think so! I was not sure about creating that effect...:)

  3. Halloween effect seems in here.....loved reading this spooky write up

  4. Very nicely thought and crafted Tarang!

  5. You need to write a sequel of this one. So want to know what happens next.