Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cultural Paradise

The world is full of vibrant colours and they make this world a beautiful place. But what if you're greatly associated with those vibrant colours and beauty yet they fail to add colours to your life?

Artists worship their art and they work hard to master their skill and put their ultimate effort to create a masterpiece. They attain immense satisfaction. People appreciate their work greatly. It indeed feels the artists with happiness and satisfaction. But does the mere appreciation fulfills your life?

I have started painting recently and realized it takes a lot of concentration and imagination and skill. I am a bad painter still simple words of appreciation inspire me. But I paint for my own pleasure and satisfaction because I simply like it you can say it's my hobby.

But what if art is a mode of living for some one?

 Artists of Raghurajpur, a cultural paradise in Puri (Odisha), earn their living from their art. They work hard day & night. Strain their eyes for minute work to create a beautiful peace of Art. They get appreciation and money too. But they deserve much more than they receive. They hide a dark story behind the beauty of their art.

There is always a mediator between them and their customers.  The customers who know the value of Art and are ready to give decent amount of money. But the artists feel cheated and defeated when a large portion of that handsome amount goes to the pocket of mediator.

Art lovers need to know these artists, working hard to add beauty to their life, to satisfy their art palate and should approach them directly so that the artists can earn what they deserve. They need a platform to showcase their work and to get nice opportunities. They indeed deserve recognition and their works must shine!

So Do Right. Some innovative approach would enhance their enthusiasm and would inspire them to make their life better.

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