Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Book Review for Femina Book Club!

"Light and Lucid"

 “Just in case the casual reader is expecting this to be the story of a torrid love affair with a librarian, I will discourage him or her from reading further by confessing that I have never made love behind a bookshelf, with a librarian or anyone else.”

I couldn’t resist a smile while reading the wonderful introduction of Love Among the Bookshelves by Ruskin Bond. It’s not a fictional love story, a star crossed lover’s tale or a witty romance. In this book, the author talks about his love affair with books; books that inspired him to become a writer. He recalls how, as a child, he discovered an avid reader in him.

It’s a unique combination of memoir, short stories and excerpts from Ruskin Bond’s favourite classic authors.

The narration is very expressive. The writing is light and lucid, which in turn keeps you hooked till the last page. The book cover itself is lovely!

For Ruskin Bond fans, and those who like reading classics, this book is sheer delight. Even though I’m not much into reading classics, I found it thoroughly enjoyable and fast-paced. I loved the excerpt from Richard Jefferies’s The Story of My Heart.

It seemed so apt that a legendary writer like Ruskin Bond should write about other legendary writers. Read this one if you love the familiar smell of libraries and classics.

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