Saturday, January 31, 2015

No Pimples, No Marks

Garnier Pure Active Neem

After a long tiring day, Meera returned from her office. The moment she entered the house, her beautiful step mother shouted. "You have been rejected, again."

It was not unusual. Yesterday, the prospective groom, Ajay Malhotra, arrived with his family to see her. Just, they were too quick to respond.

"What's my fault if boys doesn't find me attractive?" Meera said, trying hard to hide her annoyance.

"Go, look at your face. I'm tired of this fuss." Her step-mother said, and then murmured something that Meera couldn't hear as she headed towards her room.

Strange! Everyone knew that Meera was an educated, well-mannered, good-natured girl, still people judged her by her looks.

Meera splashed cold water over her face and looked herself in the mirror. One of her pimples was bleeding. "Can pimple be a put off? Is it making me less attractive? Maybe people fail to see real me because of this jungle." Meera thought.

Next day, while returning from the office, she remembered that she had to buy a cough syrup for her brother. She entered a medical store. While waiting for the storekeeper to attend her, she spotted Garnier Pure Active Neem facewash.

The word neem reminded her of her childhood and her grandma. There was a neem tree in front of her ancestral home. Her grandma used to call her for a homemade besan and neem facepack. She would tell her about the amazing benefits of neem. While her cousins happily encircled grandma, Meera would make faces and run away.

The storekeeper brought the medicine and handed her the bill. Meera left her memories back. "Give me that Garnier Pure Active Neem facewash." She said.

After few days, she noticed the positive effect of her skin. Her skin looked clean and she felt really good. She started to get compliments. One day, while waiting at the bus stop she saw a man, who looked very familiar. Yes! He was the same man who came to see her just few days back, and rejected her. Ajay Malhotra. She averted her glance.

After a while, he approached her. "Waiting for the bus?" He said.

"I think it's a bus stop." Meera replied. He smiled sheepishly.

"Come, I'll drop you." He said.

"No, thanks. My bus has already arrived. Thanks by the way." Meera said and left.

After two days, Kamala, who arranged marriages, came to Meera's house unexpectedly. "There is a message from Malhotra's, you know the last alliance..." Kamala said to Meera's step-mother while sipping tea. "Ajay is ready to marry your Meera..."

"But, I am not ready!" Meera interrupted.

"But why?" Her mother shouted.

"Because, I don't want another pimple in my life. No Pimples, No Marks." Meera smiled and left for the office. Life seemed so fresh!

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